User Experience / Visual Design

Care Coordination Unit (CCU)

Using motion graphics as a tool for driving change.

Client : Thai Gerontology Research and Development Institute (TGRI)
Design and Production : Sauce Branding
Project Manager : Nantanat Arunothayanan
Researcher : Tanot Chindanonda
Art Director : Vasuphon Sanpanich
Coordinator : Yanika Homphawong
Script Writer • Storyboard : Papon Sirimai
As part of the spearhead project by the Foundation of Thai Gerontology Research and Development Institute (TGRI), intending to prepare the Thai Healthcare System for the shift in demographics towards an aging society, RISE IMPACT has facilitated a participatory process among stakeholders on various issues related to the topic. This process, known as 'Policy Dialogue,' involved engaging stakeholders in discussions and gathering their input. The documentation of these dialogues was then transformed into policy recommendations.

One of the recommendations submitted to TGRI was the integration of the 'Care Coordination Unit' (CCU) within the secondary and tertiary healthcare systems. The main role of the CCU is to act as a centralized service hub, providing comprehensive support for patients throughout their healthcare journey. For instance, monitoring their health condition, facilitating follow-up appointments with physicians, and assisting them in accessing eligible rights such as government allowances. By functioning as a one-stop service node, the CCU aims to streamline and enhance the patient experience by offering essential resources and guidance.

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