User Experience / Visual Design

Dementia Lab

Seeking consensus for dementia screening method.

Client : Thai Gerontology Research and Development Institute (TGRI)
Design and Production : RISE IMPACT
Project Manager : Nantanat Arunothayanan
Design Supervisor : Visanu Kutavewut
Reseacher : Chulee Wangsirilert
Developer : Chukkrit Visitsaktavorn
Illustrator : Krittaporn Tochan
User Experience Designer : Papon Sirimai
Dementia Lab is an innovative microsite dedicated to determining the most suitable dementia screening method for the Thai context. Our goal is to develop a pilot program that can later be expanded nationally.

The platform is divided into two main components. The first part is a quiz designed to assess the user's fundamental knowledge of dementia. In the second part, users engage in a role-play experience, assuming the perspective of an individual suspecting they have dementia. They conclude their journey by selecting the screening method that aligns with their interests.

Upon completion, users receive a summary of the screening methods chosen by the community and easy mental exercises to combat dementia.

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