User Experience / Visual Design

Patient’s Journey

Visualizing different types of patients’ journey through Thai healthcare system.

Client : Thai Gerontology Research and Development Institute (TGRI)
Design and Production : RISE IMPACT
Project Manager : Nantanat Arunothayanan
Researcher • Coordinator : Naratiya Sapprasert
Graphic Designer : Papon Sirimai
These visually engaging posters portray various patient journeys within the Thai healthcare system, shedding light on different service levels, such as primary care units, municipality hospitals, and general hospitals. They provide a clear depiction of the system's complexity, empowering viewers to identify critical leverage points for change and improvement.

The diverse patient journeys covered encompass:
  1. Elderly individuals opting to age in their own homes (Aging in place)
  2. Patients diagnosed with dementia
  3. Rehabilitation patients in their crucial six-month golden period (Intermediate care)
  4. Bedridden patients requiring long-term care
  5. Patients in the terminal stage of life receiving palliative care

These posters serve as a valuable resource for understanding and optimizing the Thai healthcare system.

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