User Experience / Visual Design

Positive Health Disruptor Dashboard

Bridging the gap between healthcare champions.

Client : Thai National Health Foundation
Design and Production : RISE IMPACT
Project Manager : Visanu Kultavewut
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist : Kunkawee Wongpiya
Developer : Saridraj Sapsin
User Experience Designer : Papon Sirimai
 Since 2019, RISE IMPACT has been designated as the program coordinator for the 'Positive Health Disruptor' mentorship program, organized by the Thai National Health Foundation. The primary objective of this program is to cultivate champions who are determined to create impactful initiatives within the Thai Health System.

In order to enable efficient coordination and communication among program participants, mentors, and RISE IMPACT as the moderator, a virtual dashboard has been developed. This dashboard served as a mutual space, facilitating seamless connectivity and interaction. Program participants also referred to as fellows, can utilize the dashboard to monitor the progress of their initiatives and their peers. They are able to review feedback provided by their mentors and engage with other mentors to gain valuable insights from different perspectives as their initiative evolve throughout the program.

Similarly, mentors have dashboard access, allowing them to track the progress of their fellow participants. Moreover, mentors can leverage the platform to communicate with the coordination team, addressing upcoming support needs or suggesting improvements to enhance the overall program experience.

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