User Experience / Visual Design

Thailand Integrated Social Ecosystem Platform

Buidling the ecosystem against inequality.

Client : The Office of the National and Social Development Counil (NESDC)
Design and Production : RISE IMPACT 
Project Manager : Montra Vesarach
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist : Kunkawee Wongpiya
Developer : Saridraj Sapsin
User Experience Designer : Papon Sirimai

The Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) of Thailand initiated the Thailand Integrated Social Ecosystem Platform (TISEP) to support projects and organizations addressing the issue of inequality in the country. This platform enables users to search and filter projects and organizations based on the specific issues they tackle, fostering coalitions and collaborations for a common cause. Additionally, users can also form local networks by location, bringing together organizations from various sectors. Moreover, registered organizations on the platform have the ability to request or offer resources to one another, leads to further collaboration in addressing inequality challenges in Thailand.

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