User Experience / Visual Design

The Invisible Helping Hand

Editorial design dedicated to the family carers.

Client : Thai Gerontology Research and Development Institute (TGRI)
Design and Production : RISE IMPACT
Project Manager : Nantanat Arunothayanan
Researcher • Coordinator : Naratiya Sapprasert
Content Writer : Narantiya Sapprasert, Ponpitcha Tantravanich
Graphic Designer : Papon Sirimai
This book underscores the pivotal role of 'Family Carers' within a household, individuals tasked with caring for their family members. This responsibility often adds an extra layer of demands, compelling carers to forego personal pursuits like education and employment. Unfortunately, this informal role has been historically overlooked, with limited government support.

On a broader scale, the widespread necessity for individuals to resign from their jobs in order to care for family members leads to a significant loss in labor force and government revenue.

This book delves into the definition and circumstances surrounding family carers in Thailand, featuring interviews with both younger and older generations of family carers. It also explores existing support systems and offers valuable insights and suggestions for those new to the role of family caregiving.

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